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Equifax Credit monitoring


What is Credit Monitoring?

Even though you are entitled to one free credit report every year from each of the three national credit reporting bureaus, you may find that you want more frequent access to your credit history.

With a credit monitoring product, you can check your credit report as often as you like, from at least one of the national credit reporting bureaus — but sometimes all three — and set up alerts that will notify you if the information in your credit file changes.

How Does Credit Monitoring Work?

If you sign up for Equifax credit monitoring, you will receive email alerts when certain changes are made to your credit history. These changes occur when your creditors (including credit card companies, lenders and other creditors) send new credit information to Equifax and other credit reporting bureaus.

You may cancel at any time; however, we do not provide partial month refunds.1

How Can Credit Monitoring Help Me?

Credit monitoring is a valuable tool you can use to help protect yourself against identity theft and other types of financial fraud. Credit monitoring can help you spot fraudulent accounts that have been opened in your name, as well as unfamiliar loans that may have been taken out using your Social Security number and other personal information.

The sooner you catch activity by an identity thief or fraudster who has hijacked your personal information and used it to take out a loan or open up a credit card in your name, the easier it will be to restore your identity and financial life.

What Does My Credit Monitoring Product Include?

Equifax offers three different credit monitoring products, designed to meet your specific needs. The three products include a combination of one or more of the following features:

·         Privacy monitoring 2

·         Credit report monitoring from each of the three credit reporting bureaus

·         One 3-Bureau credit report from Equifax

·         Unlimited access to your Equifax credit report 3

·         Identity theft assistance

·         Credit report lock

·         Financial Alerts

·         3-Bureau Credit scores from Equifax

·         Lost Wallet Protection

·         Identity theft protection insurance 4

·         And more…

How Often Will I Receive Alerts From My Credit Monitoring?

When you sign up for Equifax's credit monitoring products, you will receive alerts as changes are recorded in your credit history. Most lenders report new account activity within 30 days, but some can take as long as 90 days to report activity. Remember, not all creditors report account activity to each of the national credit reporting bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. If you want to know which bureaus a creditor reports to and how often, you should contact the creditor directly.





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